Our Approach

Wesbuilt’s culture has always been deeply rooted in in its approach to ensuring the health, safety and well-being of all their employees. Safety is a fundamental value of our company, underpinning everything we do. We are dedicated to achieving the highest possible standards of Health & Safety on all projects. We aim to provide a safe environment for workers and the public by always making safety the priority through training, procedures and documentation.


Our Wesbuilt Policies and Procedures fulfil the requirements of the Department of Buildings and OSHA Standards by observing all federal, state and local rules and regulations that pertain to the construction industry. We have a proactive approach to improving safety standards and ensuring the health and safety of everyone on our Wesbuilt projects. Our priority is focused on the prevention of incidents, injuries and illness to site employees and the public. Our suppliers and sub-contractors whom we integrate into our delivery teams are always engaged in the safety culture of our business. They adopt and embrace the systems and procedures we implement and work well with our team knowing that safety is the responsibility of each and every individual on the site. We respect our workforce and they respect our management as an integrated team with a common goal – to get home safe each day. Through our Health and Safety policies and procedures, we ensure an industry leading project delivery every time and most importantly – the safety and wellbeing of all our employees.